In the late 1980s, a group of Alpha Phi Alpha members were desirous to supply the San Antonio community with a more progressive Alpha agenda. These Brothers assembled as an oasis of Brotherhood purposed to do the work of Alpha in the community while being engaged in Alpha’s affairs statewide, regionally and nationally.

After some research and deliberation, the consensus among said Brothers was that San Antonio could sustain a new Alumni chapter that would aspire to be a model of excellence in the Fraternity. The charter application was submitted by Brother Randall Palmer III to the Committee on Membership, Standards and Extensions whose recommendation was sent to the Board of Directors for approval. The vision and purpose of the founding group in San Antonio was realized on March 11, 1991, when Alpha Phi Alpha’s newest Scion, Pi Theta Lambda (Key# 0641), emerged.

That same year, the National Vice-President of the Southwestern Region, Brother Adrian L. Wallace (later the 30th General President), brought the Pi Theta Lambda charter to San Antonio, and presided over the Chartering ceremony.

The Sixteen (16) Charter Members of Pi Theta Lambda are as follows:

Farris D. Anderson, Jr.
Ronald L. Anderson – Charter President
George W. Darty
Porter C. Dillard, Jr.
James R. Lewis, Sr. [Omega Chapter]

Jerome A. Lindsay
Bernard T. McCutchen
Willie L. McDaniel

Walter Mathis
Randall P. Palmer III [Omega Chapter] – 14th Regional Vice President (1986-1990)
Thomas Riche
David Sanford
Robert Scarborough [Omega Chapter]

Allen D. Smith
Johnny W. Thomas
Jimmie N. Varnado

Pi Theta Lambda chapter, has always been a diverse body, with its membership comprised of: retired military and active duty personnel, local government and federal employees, businessmen and entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, medical and legal professionals, educators and academics that hail from all parts of the country. Throughout Pi Theta Lambda’s 27 year history, the chapter has established strategic partnerships, and is actively engaged in a wide range of outreach activities in the community.

In 1992, Pi Theta Lambda founded the Pi Theta Lambda Educational Foundation, Inc. (PTLEF), a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation whose mission is to raise and/or secure monies for educational and charitable purposes, as well as, for educational program implementation. Since its establishment, the Foundation has tendered dozens of monetary awards to cover the academic expenses of local high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education and training.

As a chapter, Pi Theta Lambda has provided Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. with leadership at the levels of the District, Region, and General Organization.